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Micaiah Micaiah James Neimeyer
We are thrilled to announce the scheduled arrival of the newest member of our family on Friday, January 20 just after midnight! Eric's daughter, Jennifer, brought forth her second-born son. He weighed 7lbs 15oz, which puts his cost at about $2000 per pound. Papa (Jeff) and Big Brother (Seth), got the house ready for Micaiah James Neimeyer's homecoming. The meaning and etymology of "the name Micaiah (Who Is Like Yah) and the name Michael (Who Is Like El) are quite similar ... Michael became a popular name in modern times while Micaiah is largely forgotten. Perhaps this is because of Michael the famous archangel, and the fact that not many people know that the name Micah is the accepted abbreviated form of Micaiah." So there you go... with Biblical precedent, I guess we can call him Micah for short.

matilda Grandma Steph flew into Louisville on Thursday, traveling nearly all day, to join in the celebration. Jenn & Jeff picked her up at the airport, they went to dinner at the hotel, and after dinner, Jenn said she had to go. What timing! Mom & son were able to come home on Sunday, and begin the transition to a 4-member family.

Eric stayed home to babysit the really big baby, Matilda. If you come by the office at the right time, you might receive an extra-hearty greeting!

Downbeat Big Band
Downbeat Big Band Downbeat Big Band is playing bi-weekly at Lacey J's Roadhouse Saloon & Grill in Santee. Eric plays piano in the 17-piece swing dance orchestra. The next date is January 29 and is open to the adult public.

If you like to dance to the Big Band standards, Latin tunes, Ballads, and Waltzes, there's three hours of musical fun on Sunday afternoon with a great dance floor. If you'd prefer to have some lunch while sipping adult beverages and listening to the broad spectrum of great music, we'd love to see you. Check the website and calendar here for more information.

RJ Big Band
The RJ Big Band, another 17-piece swing dance group Eric plays with, has a private event on March 6. The host is the Better Business Bureau of San Diego so, if you're a member, get signed up to be a part of this great evening. The band's calendar and biographies can be found here, and details about the BBB event are detailed here.

Palomar College
Palomar College Jazz Band, yet another group Eric plays piano with, started back up Jan 23 for the Spring Semester, but there are no scheduled events yet. We'll keep you posted on those.

Emmanuel Faith Community Church
wurlitzer Did you know Eric also plays the organ? The Opus 1745, 3-manual 15-rank 1927 Wurlitzer Theater Organ is installed at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido, and is used for some of the services held there. The organ was first installed at the American Theater in Roanoke, Virginia, eventually relocated to Escondido in 1983, where some church ranks were added to the theater pipes for more versatility. Only about 25 of the 2000 Mighty Wurlitzers remain in their original locations, but hundreds are still in use around the world. Eric plays about once a month for the 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. services. His next date is February 19. If you wish to find out more about the church, here is their website. An interesting site about Wurlitzers is here. It contains details of the instruments, location at which each was installed, subsequent movement, and changes to those instruments.

bullet Combining Stephanie's love for textile crafts and Eric's love for language:

"Dangling by a thread, some questioned whether or not the tattered and frayed prosecution could patch up their case so close to clothesing arguments. But when pressed, the material witness in the suit came apart at the seams. 'Do not pull the wool over my eyes! Sew, it was you!' The tailor's lawyer had cotton on to her tapestry, woven together by lies, coated in tails. Some of us were on pins and needles, and one loony onlooker was in stitches. Leather or not the jury was suede was left to be steamed."

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