Mom & DadPrinter's ink has flowed in our bloodstream since 1959: the dawn of the offset printing age. Back then it was Swadell Lithographers first at 640 South Escondido Blvd. and later at 840 North Broadway in Escondido. Carl ran production and sales, while Loyd Beth did the books and looked after the office. Steven was a flyboy on the web press. Eric was the bindery gopher and a stripper, and stocked the 10-cent coke machine.

Lots has changed since then: equipment, methods, personnel, and the prices. The cost of 4-color printing, for example, is much, much LOWER and the quality incredibly GREATER. But a few things have remained constant: the commitment to selling a quality product at a fair price, and providing excellent service at no additional charge. We specialize in meeting the needs of businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations: stationery, newsletters, booklets, postcards -- nearly anything that is a combination of ink and paper.

If you call, we might actually give you the name of a competitor who can do that job better, quicker, or cheaper. Consider that a part of best-meeting your printing needs, even though we don't profit from the information. If we ask lots of questions about your job, it's because we want to make sure you're getting exactly what you need, at the best price. You might not like some of the answers we give, but we tell you the truth (because it's so hard to keep the lies straight).

Add the simple fact that, when you call, we answer the phone ourselves when we are available: real people responding to the real requests and questions of real people. Sure, on-line printers have real people running their facilities, but you rarely get to talk to them -- even when there's a problem. Call us now at 858-486-4540. Tell us you were reading our website and wanted to meet us. Ask for Eric.

Finally, in case you wondered why we're called Rancho Bernardo Printing, we spent our formative years growing into a well-known, reputable business in the community of RB. When the opportunity arose to buy some land and build our own building in 1998, it took us into the Poway community. We thought about changing the name, but few people cared so we didn't bother. In 2014 we sold that building and returned to our roots in Escondido. We'll let you know if a name change occurs this time!

Rancho Bernardo Printing, Inc Eric Swadell
eric @
858 486 4540
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